Fur Services


Cold Storage

Cold storage is absolutely critical to the health of furs, as they can begin to deteriorate due to adverse weather in the summer months. Your furs will be stored in one of several climate controlled vaults we maintain on the premises, keeping them protected from both heat and moisture until winter.

We offer discounted Cold Storage & Cleaning bundles

Cleaning & Glazing

Our cleaning solutions will help maintain the life of your fur coats and fur items. Industry professionals delicately clean away dirt, dust, and also replace much needed oils back into the hide of your precious fur coats and fur items. Your fur deserves the best of care, don’t settle for less.

Treat your fur coats and fur items to this special beauty treatment. Our specialists massage softeners into the leather and hair of your fur garments and fur accessories. Next they go for a spin in one of our fur tumblers where a second layer of conditioner is gently massaged into the hair. The third and final step to this process is a treatment under one of our heated rollers. This special process brings out the natural shine of your fur coats and fur items



We know how frustrating it can be to discover a tear in a sleeve, a damaged area, or button that has fallen off. Our skilled tailors stitch tears, repair damaged fur, and reattach buttons.


Have a mink thats just too long for comfort? Want to add a monogram to a coat? Is that hood just a bother now? Our industry professionals carefully alter your furs, giving them new life.


If you want to go beyond simple alterations, a full fur remodel may be required. Our experienced consultants work with you to create a bespoke solution when a resize is just not enough.